is a collection of useful free online tools

Toolster - is a universal online service that contains a variety of web-tools. In fact, Toolster is a collection of online applications that help users in solving certain problems. Each such application is a small browser-based program that performs a narrow range of functions and can help you in everyday life. Our products are created and updated regularly by a professional team of developers. You can use these web applications absolutely free and without registration.

About our web applications

Today in our collection has more than six categories of free online applications. You can navigate through them using the left menu. In the first category contain online calculators that will help you in solving mathematical problems or carrying out various household calculations.

In the category "For webcams" located online applications that perform different functions related to you web cam:

Tools for working with images contained in the category "For the pictures":

In the category "Working with sound" containing different online application with which you can handle, trim or create a sound:

If you need to find out information about the system or hardware, we offer a range of information online insturmentov that are in the category of "Info". With their help, you can get a variety of information about the settings of your computer and browser:

If you are a musician, in the category "For musicians", you will find useful applications for tuning your guitar, sound recording and much more:

Our Mission

Our mission is to create quality online tools island that can bring computing power to any, even the most inexperienced user. The modern market free browser applications, it seems to us, is imperfect. We hope to inject a new understanding of the quality of online services, the efficiency of the interface and ease of use of browser software.