Online dictaphone for audio recording

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Online voice recorder for audio recording.

Do you want to record your voice and save the file in mp3 format? Then try our online audio recorder which you can use directly in your browser. This application allows you to record voice through a microphone or webcam. It is a convenient online recorder, which is totally free and does not require any software installation.

This online application has a very simple interface, so even the most inexperienced users can quickly learn how to record voice with its help. The audio can be downloaded in mp3 format. All you need to do to record your voice is to follow this algorithm:

Step 1. Allow access to the microphone. The dictaphone will ask for access to your microphone or webcam. Click the "Allow" button. Without this step sound recording is not possible.

Step 2. Start recording by pressing the large round button in the center of the application.

Step 3. Stop recording by pressing the same button with the icon pause.

Step 4. Listen to the recording of your voice using the button «Play» in the upper right corner.

Step 5. Download the recording to your computer by clicking on the disk icon in the same corner.

If you want to make another record, simply click again on the round button «REC» and application will start recording again. The indicator located at the bottom indicates the volume of the incoming sound, so that you could adjust your voice for better recording.