Privacy policy

1. We do not collect any of the information you upload to our server.


1.1 The text or multimedia materials uploaded or generated with the help of this website are automatically deleted after you close the website tab. This information will become irretrievable. There is no way anyone can interfere or change this process.


1.2 We do not submit any information uploaded to our server to a third party. As we do not collect such information, we cannot submit it anyone, even to state authorities (see point 1.1).


2. We do not collect or store information about our website visitors.


2.1 We do not collect information about your browser, OS, IP address or timestamp. You can use this website totally anonymously.


2.2 We do not submit any information to a third party, even if it is state authority, because we do not collect or store it (see point 2.1).


2.3 The only exception make web analytics services that we use. They may collect some information about your PC. However, the companies that operate in web analytics area work within the limits of legislation, have a clean record and do not use collected information with criminal purposes.