Bellow you can find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. We hope that among them you will be able to find the answer to your question as well.


Question: Some of the applications do not work at my PC/laptop, but they work at my friends’ devices. What should I do?

Answer: Most likely you do not have Flash Player installed or turned on. It is needed for work of some applications. Another source of problem may be that you have Javascript turned off. Write to us via Contact us and we will help you to detect the problem.


Question: Is there a chance for me to use your applications at my website? Do you have API?

Answer: Currently all our applications can only be used on this website.


Question: I have found a bug or have a suggestion on how you can improve your application. Where can I send this information?

Answer: We are always happy to read your suggestions and requests. You can send them to us by using Contact us option. We answer to all letters, because we want to improve our product, make it more user-friendly and effective.


Question: Some pages of your website are displayed wrong at my compter. What problem can cause such an effect?

Answer: Most likely, you have some old version of Internet Explorer installed at your computer. We recommend you to update your browser version or switch to another browser.


Question: Do you use the pictures or records I make with my web cam?

Answer: No. You can use our applications absolutely anonymously. All generated materials are immediately deleted after you close the website tab. You can find more information about this subject at Privacy Policy section.