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Online photo rotator – rotating an image has never been so easy 

How can you rotate a photo and make its angle correct? Well, you should simply use our online photo rotator. It is totally free. On this page, you can do it. You do not need any registration or software installed on your computer.

It is very easy to use on a daily basis. The image format does not matter, and neither does it matter if the photo is a landscape or a portrait. This online application supports most common graphic file formats, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and many others.

To change the angle of the image simply follow the algorithm of actions described below:

Step 1. Upload the photo in the application window. To do this, click anywhere in the picture box or just drag the image in the window with the mouse.

Step 2. Turn the photo. After the image is uploaded, flip the image using the "Back" and "Forth" buttons. The first button rotates the image counterclockwise, and the second, on the contrary, rotates it clockwise.

Step 3. Download the rotated photo. You can download the image using the green button "Download" or via the function "Save as" (right mouse button). If you want to rotate another image, you will need to reset the current image by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner.