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Find your IP address online.

Getting to know your IP address is a quite simple task. Of course, on condition that you use our online IP address detector.

Very often, at various forums or torrent trackers it is required to fill out the field “IP address”. Another example is the online gaming network. When you connect to the existing game, you also need to fill in your network address. It is needed to accelerate the process created by game online application.

Our IP address detector allows you to perform this task quickly and easy. Current online service can be used for free and without registration.

What is IP and how is it determined?

In order to interact with each other all computers in the network need unique “labels”. With their help, the machines can access each other, download variety of information, etc. These unique “lables” are called IP-addresses. In other words, it is the network address of a special protocol called IP. More about this you can read in Wikipedia.

If you need to know your IP address, you should use this page. Your IP address has been detected automatically and is displayed in large figures just above this text. And below you can find the name of your computer in the network (the so-called hostname).