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Find the hostname of your computer online

If you need to know the hostname of your computer, you can detect it online with the help of this page. No registration required. Just look above this text and you will see the hostname of your computer displayed in green. It is determined automatically. Right underneath you can see your IP address. This information is directly received from your browser.

The hostname or domain name of the computer that you've learned on this page allows you to get easy access to your device within the network. I think you will agree that it is much more convenient to remember and type words, than a set of meaningless numbers.

What is the hostname and why is it needed?

The online name of the computer, or hostname, is a symbolic name assigned to a network device which can be used to provide access to it in different ways. This name is assigned to each device in the network. That means that the hostname can be defined not only for your PC, but also for a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even the washing machine if it is connected to the Internet. The hostname can be expected to determine your region and Internet operator. If you have a dynamic IP address, the name of the computer is constantly changing with each new Internet connection.