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Online guitar tuner – find the perfect sound for your musical instrument

This online guitar tuner is useful when you want to make quick and easy guitar tuning at home. It does not require installation and works online right in your browser.

A properly tuned guitar makes the sound of your melody heavenly beautiful, and, on the contrary, poor tuning leads to deviations in the sound, spoils any piece of music and the overall impression of the artist. The great benefit of this application is that you can tune your guitar online from anywhere and at any time. Simply go to our website and start tuning using this special software. The application is available for free and without registration.

To help you tune your guitar online, this application plays sound samples recorded from a high standard Fender guitar. Tuning must be done by ear. No microphone is required. The tuner is perfect for setting a 6-string and 12-string guitar, both acoustic and electric.

In order to use this application you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed and turned on speakers. The service is very simple to use. Even beginners can easily tune guitar with its help. Click on any of the six hitch-pins and listen to the sounds of strings, adjust your guitar sound to the standard.