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Online function plotter – plot several functions in a minute!

Making a plot can be difficult, especially if you need to graph many functions together. That is why we have created this special online application, which allows you not only to plot several graphs, but also save the result as an image in PNG format. It is absolutely free and does not require any registration. It is also available for use directly in your browser without any additional manipulations.

To plot the function online, all you need to do is to type it into the function box and click anywhere outside it. The graph will be drawn automatically.

If you need to plot multiple functions simultaneously, then click on the blue button “Add more”. This will open another window where you need to type the second function. The next graph will be also built automatically.

The color of the graphs’ lines can be set by pressing the key on the right from the function box. Other settings are located directly below the function box. You can use them to set the background color, color of the grid, axes and ticks; switch on/off the grid, axes, ticks, numbering and color graphics segments. If necessary, you can scale the graph of the function using the mouse wheel or special icon located in the bottom right corner of the field.