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Online fractions calculator

Modern students begin learning fractions in the 5th grade and every year the exercises with them become only more complicated. College students and engineers sometimes need to make calculations with fractions as well. In order to help all of them, we created this totally free online fractions calculator.

It is designed for rapid calculation of operations with both simple fractions and the mixed ones (fractions with whole numbers). This calculator has a specific principle of data entry. All whole numbers are entered using the large buttons on the left. All numerators are entered using the little white buttons in the top right section of application. All denominators, respectively, are entered by pressing the buttons in the bottom right corner.

This online software can be used not only with the help of computer mouse, but also by pressing the keyboard buttons. All whole numbers are entered as usual by pressing the numbers. All numerators are typed with CTRL (for example, CTRL + 1). All denominators are typed with ALT (for example, ALT + 2). Such actions as multiplication, division, addition and subtraction are as well are typed with the help of corresponding buttons of the keyboard.

Besides four simple operations, this online fractions calculator can work with the roots and powers, and even with negative numbers.