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Online Paint – the Internet version of the most loved image editor

What was your favorite software for drawing when the Photoshop wasn’t even invented? I bet it was Microsoft Paint. Here we want to present you the online version of this well-known program. It is free and does not require any registration. All you need to do is to grab your mouse and start drawing online.

Our online Paint has most of the tools you can find in the original application. They are located just above the whiteboard. The main drawing tool is the brush. Its size can be adjusted by the horizontal slider, located in the middle of the toolbar. The color is chosen in the color panel, called by clicking on the box located to the left of the brush. The next tool is eraser. Its size is defined by the same slider as for the brush. Right next to eraser you can find paint bucket. It fills the selected area with the color chosen from the color panel.

In order to undo or redo actions on the whiteboard, you can use the buttons with black right and left arrows located in the tool bar. If you want to clear the whiteboard and start painting again, just click on the cross button. Your finished drawing can be downloaded to your computer, using the last button with the blue arrow. The image is loaded in the PNG format with the size of 698x360 pixels.