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Free online tools for musicians

Online application to get information about the system and hardware

Free online tools for working with images

Web applications for working online with audio

Free online tools for webcam

Online calculators

Free online tools for kids


Tire size calculator: compare tires online

Test microphone online. Check mic free web tool

Online sound audio recorder

Tune guitar online

Metronome online

Online tuning fork 440 Hz (A)

Online dictaphone for audio recording. Free simple voice and sound web recorder

Сreate m4r ringtone for iPhone online

Cut mp3 online, cut songs online, audio cutter with the ability to make m4r ringtone

Online microphone for voice/sound recording. Free web application which will help you record your voice on webcam or microphone.

Check CPU bit architecture online. Determine your processor bit size with free web application

Check OS bit version online

Determine operating system bit count online

Check OS bit type online: 32 or 64 bit. Free web application for detect bit version of operating system

Find you hostname online tool, check computer name

Find out all information about your browser online

Check Flash Player version online. Check your current Adobe Flash version

Your screen resolution online. Detect display resolution

Find out your IP address online

Rotate photo or image online

Reduce photo and any images size online

Sketchpad online

Online paint free

Online drawing tool

Create demotivational poster (demotivator) online

Record video from a webcam online

GIF animator online | Create GIF animation online with free web application

Crop photo or image online free

Ovulation calculator online

Fraction calculator online

Test webcam online - check you webcam

Take photos online with your webcam

Online voice recorder. Record you voice online with this free service.

Online calculator with memory

Loan calculator online

Mortgage calculator online

Online graphing calculator. Build a graph of the function online free

Simple calculator online

Online scientific calculator




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